Karl McDonald

The ILT presents our city with extraordinary opportunities that advance our people, businesses and community. However, there is room to be better and I believe I can help make the ILT better.

I have chosen to stand because our city is at a crossroads; a critical and exciting time of change and development. The ILT needs to have people who are prepared to listen to what the public want and to modernise our model. The ILT is such a unique asset, and I believe we can do more. We need to make better use of the skills and resources we have locally, engage with the public on a more interactive level and combine these to create a thriving community.

My background is largely sports physiotherapy, but my focus isn’t sport. I am passionate about our children, health, wellbeing and the arts (my brother recently opened Invercargill’s only private art gallery in the CBD). I am a businessman and I want to ensure the ILT makes significant profits which can be distributed fairly to the various communities of Invercargill.

I don’t know it all, but I will listen. I’ll be brave. Invercargill is poised for change and growth and the ILT can be a big driver of that. I don’t want to see an opportunity missed because we thought the way we have always done it is the right way.  I want to listen to engage and to think differently – we can do more. We can be better.



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Karl McDonald PGD Phty, BPhty, BPhEd
Managing Director

Sportsmed Southern Physiotherapy Ltd   

Email: karl@sportsmedphysio.co.nz
Contact: 021 527 512